Hi everyone and welcome to my portfolio! My   name   is   Patrick   Buczak   and   I’m   a   freelance   illustrator   from   Essen,   Germany.      I   was   born   in   Warsaw, Poland   and   moved   to   Germany   at   the   age   of   six.   Having   been   passionately   drawing   from   my   childhood on,   I’ve   decided   to   stick   to   the   creative   path   in   life.   I   hold   a   diploma   in   communication   design   from   the Folkwang Universtiy of Arts in Essen with a major in illustration and a minor in animation.   I   hope   you   like   my   art.   If   you   do   so   and   need   someone   to   visualize   your   ideas,   stories   and   characters, whether   for   books,   magazines,   storybords,   card-,   board-   or   videogames   or   any   other   medium   of   your choice, please send me an email at info@pa-bu.com .   Any suggestions, critiques or just greetings are appreciated as well. I’d be happy to hear from you soon.
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